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  1. CBD Box – Large Tins (not available to our US customers) 12 x 8.75g Large Tins CBD Box - Large Tins
    Our Original & Genuine Snuff infused with 20mg CBD per tin.
  2. CBD - Large Tin (not available to our US customers) 8.75g Large Tin CBD - Large Tin
    Our Original & Genuine Snuff infused with 20 mg CBD per tin.
  3. Flavours Large Tin - Sunblast (Menthol & Apricot) 8.75g Large Tin Flavours Large Tin - Sunblast (Menthol & Apricot)
    A single 8.75g Large Tin Flavour - Sunblast (Menthol)
    A smooth blend of menthol with a hint of apricot.
  • Sniffing Tobacco - How Snuff is Making a Comeback
    Sniffing Tobacco

    Did you know that sniffing tobacco is making a mighty comeback among nicotine users of the modern day? 

    Sniffing tobacco is a type of smokeless tobacco that takes the form of finely ground tobacco which can be inhaled gently through the nose as an nicotine alternative to smoking or chewing it. 

    Back in the 16th/17th century, everyone who was anyone was sniffing tobacco from ornate snuff boxes as a sign of aristocracy, high social standing and in keeping with the fashion of the time. Kings and queens raved about it and its popularity was legendary among the well-to-do. 

    As time moved

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  • A Pinch Of Snuff 
    A Pinch Of Snuff

    If you’re looking for a more socially acceptable alternative to smoking tobacco then it’s time to take it all with a pinch of snuff

    As smoking becomes more and more outlawed in society, younger adults especially are looking for different ways to enjoy tobacco without the unpleasant aroma of cigarettes.

    With vaping one alternative, taking a pinch of snuff is an even more discreet and smoke free way of using tobacco when you’re out and about with friends - and you don’t have to leave the building to take it, which makes it a win-win situation all round. 


    What is snuff? 

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  • Sunblast - Our Menthol and Apricot Flavoured Snuff Tobacco
    Sunblast - Apricot and Menthol Flavoured Snuff

    We haven’t seen much of it this summer, but if you’re looking for a good blast of sunshine in your flavoured tobacco, then Sunblast - our brand new menthol and apricot flavoured snuff tobacco is the one for you.


    Newly blended by the alchemist and our latest favourite flavour, it’s a refreshingly smooth blend of menthol with a hint of mild apricot. The difference between this and our other apricot flavoured tobacco, Sunset, is the addition of menthol essence which provides that refreshing blast of cool flavour, enjoyed in many different ways by people all over the world.


    To make the most of your tobacco snuff experience, you just need to tap the tin to loosen the tobacco, then, once opened, breathe in the delicious menthol and apricot flavour, enjoying the pleasant sensation. 


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  • Glacier - Our Supermint Flavoured Snuff Tobacco
    Glacier - Supermint Flavoured Snuff

    The ice cool flavour of supermint has long been associated with the superb feeling of a deep breath of snowy mountain air, clearing the airwaves and freshening the breath with its minty aroma. 


    As we know, it’s a highly popular flavour in chewing gum and toothpaste and as a refreshing tea. In a similar way the exhilarating pure peppermint essence of our Glacier Supermint flavoured snuff leaves the user with a pleasant minty flavour which lingers in the nose with a refreshing tingle, after it has been inhaled.


    To enjoy it, simply give the tin a little tap to loosen the tobacco, open the tin and savour the cool peppermint flavour, then take a pinch of t

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  • All Natural Smokeless Tobacco
    All Natural Smokeless Tobacco

    Let’s face it, smoking tobacco in indoor spaces has become unacceptable on most levels these days, so, for anyone looking for all natural smokeless tobacco, snuff could be the answer.

    We’ve all seen the negative publicity which surrounds cigarette smoking, not only because of the dangerous effect it can have on our health and the health of those close to us.

    Cigarette smoking can also make your clothes and surroundings smell unpleasant, stain your teeth and most people won’t thank you for forcing them to endure a thick, smoky atmosphere, wherever you are. 


    All the way nature intended it

    Modern folk are incre

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  • Where To Buy Snuff
    Where To Buy Snuff

    If you've discovered the enjoyment of sniffing tobacco as an alternative to smoking or vaping and you’d like to continue to explore the different types, then you might be wondering where to buy snuff from. 

    It may come as a surprise to hear that nasal snuff is so popular in this modern-day and age. It’s certainly a far-flung image from the traditional picture of the 17th-century wig-wearing aristocrats gracing the royal courts of the day with their theatrical presence.

    As such, you might not have a clue where to start

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