1. Hemp Snuff - No Tobacco, No Nicotine, just CBD

    Hemp Snuff

    Many of you were saddened when we had to remove our CBD Snuff. 

    McChrystal’s are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Hemp snuff, with no tobacco, no nicotine just CBD; and more of it! 

    Infused with our Original & Genuine blend of flavours, one of these tins is infused with 175mg CBD making it perfect for people who enjoy the experience of CBD snuff, or even for someone who is looking for an alternative to CBD oils or chews.

    Not only is it available in a large tin, but our Hemp Snuff can be bought online as a box of 12 large tins. 


    Be the first to try it!

    McChrystal’s Hemp Snuff is now available and you can buy it online directly fro

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  2. Buy Smokeless Tobacco Online

    Buy smokeless tobacco online

    If you’re looking to give tobacco snuff a try then the easiest and most convenient way to do it is to buy smokeless tobacco online. 

    Most things can be bought online these days and many people enjoy the convenience of having their products delivered directly to their door. 

    That’s not to say, of course, that taking a stroll through your local high street isn’t a pleasure, especially at this time of year when then Christmas lights are twinkling - this is why you can buy our tobacco snuff in all good local tobacconists - but, when finding the time to go shopping is an issue, then it’s a great option to be able to buy smokeless tobacco online. 

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  3. What is snuff?

    What is snuff

    Snuff is something which most people will have heard of before, but many just aren’t sure just what it is. That’s because the bulk of the imagery which surrounds snuff comes from a time long ago when snuff first made an appearance in the royal courts of Europe back in the 16th century. 

    Snuff originated in South America and was discovered being taken by the indigenous tribes of Brazil by a Franciscan monk during Christopher Columbus’ second voyage to the New World in 1493. As a result, it made its way back to Europe where its popularity soared among the aristocracy for the following centuries to come. 

    To this day, popular programmes such as Netflix’s Bridgerton portray snuff taking by kings and queens of the royal courts a long time ago, but what actually is it and where does it fit in our modern day? 


    How snuff is made 

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  4. Xmas Snuff - Only Available This Christmas Season

    Xmas Snuff

    Christmas is very nearly here and to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, we’ve launched our very own Xmas Snuff to get you well and truly in the festive mood! 

    The McChrystal’s Original and Genuine snuff is now available in these specially designed Christmas tins - which are so superbly seasonal that even Santa Claus himself can’t resist giving it a go! 

    Decorated in a distinctive holly design, one of these tins makes a perfect stocking filler for people who enjoy using tobacco snuff, or even for someone who is looking for an alternative and more socially acceptable way to enjoy tobacco than smoking cigarettes.

    Not only is it available in a large tin, but our Xmas Snuff can be bought online as a box of 12 large tins or a 200g Christmas tub, for an extra present to put under the t

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  5. How Do You Use Snuff Tobacco?

    How Do You Use Snuff Tobacco?

    Have you heard of snuff tobacco yet? If you are an adult who enjoys the effects of tobacco, but dislikes the thought of smoking it, then you’ll doubtless find that snuff tobacco is a much more pleasurable alternative. 


    With smoking cigarettes becoming more outlawed, as time moves on, the younger adult generations have been looking for different, more socially acceptable, ways to use tobacco. 


    In its day tobacco snuff was the preferred way. After it was discovered in 1494, during a Columbus voyage of discovery in South America, this form of finely ground tobacco, which was originally spotted being used by the American Indians, became high in fashion. In fact, for many years, it was all the rage throughout the royal courts of Europe during the 16th, 17th and 18th century, with many famous names and members of the aristocracy s

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  6. How Much Does Snuff Cost?

    How Much Does Snuff Cost

    There are many reasons why smoking tobacco has declined in popularity so much over the last few decades and one of these is the rising price. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, you might be asking yourself how much does snuff cost?


    We all know that the price of cigarettes is much, much more than it was pre-millennium and the reasons for this are mainly due to the UK Government’s concerns over the devastating effects that cigarette smoking can have on our health - in turn, this has led to the increase in price. 


    Many people have found themselves no longer able to afford to smoke cigarettes, which has led to them looking for an alternative. Snuff is comparably a lot cheaper than other tobacco products. Unlike smoking tobacco it is duty free and therefore comes without the cost of taxation that makes cig

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  7. Sniffing Tobacco - How Snuff is Making a Comeback

    Sniffing Tobacco

    Did you know that sniffing tobacco is making a mighty comeback among nicotine users of the modern day? 

    Sniffing tobacco is a type of smokeless tobacco that takes the form of finely ground tobacco which can be inhaled gently through the nose as an nicotine alternative to smoking or chewing it. 

    Back in the 16th/17th century, everyone who was anyone was sniffing tobacco from ornate snuff boxes as a sign of aristocracy, high social standing and in keeping with the fashion of the time. Kings and queens raved about it and its popularity was legendary among the well-to-do. 

    As time moved

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  8. A Pinch Of Snuff 

    A Pinch Of Snuff

    If you’re looking for a more socially acceptable alternative to smoking tobacco then it’s time to take it all with a pinch of snuff

    As smoking becomes more and more outlawed in society, younger adults especially are looking for different ways to enjoy tobacco without the unpleasant aroma of cigarettes.

    With vaping one alternative, taking a pinch of snuff is an even more discreet and smoke free way of using tobacco when you’re out and about with friends - and you don’t have to leave the building to take it, which makes it a win-win situation all round. 


    What is snuff? 

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  9. Sunblast - Our Menthol and Apricot Flavoured Snuff Tobacco

    Sunblast - Apricot and Menthol Flavoured Snuff

    We haven’t seen much of it this summer, but if you’re looking for a good blast of sunshine in your flavoured tobacco, then Sunblast - our brand new menthol and apricot flavoured snuff tobacco is the one for you.


    Newly blended by the alchemist and our latest favourite flavour, it’s a refreshingly smooth blend of menthol with a hint of mild apricot. The difference between this and our other apricot flavoured tobacco, Sunset, is the addition of menthol essence which provides that refreshing blast of cool flavour, enjoyed in many different ways by people all over the world.


    To make the most of your tobacco snuff experience, you just need to tap the tin to loosen the tobacco, then, once opened, breathe in the delicious menthol and apricot flavour, enjoying the pleasant sensation. 


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  10. Glacier - Our Supermint Flavoured Snuff Tobacco

    Glacier - Supermint Flavoured Snuff

    The ice cool flavour of supermint has long been associated with the superb feeling of a deep breath of snowy mountain air, clearing the airwaves and freshening the breath with its minty aroma. 


    As we know, it’s a highly popular flavour in chewing gum and toothpaste and as a refreshing tea. In a similar way the exhilarating pure peppermint essence of our Glacier Supermint flavoured snuff leaves the user with a pleasant minty flavour which lingers in the nose with a refreshing tingle, after it has been inhaled.


    To enjoy it, simply give the tin a little tap to loosen the tobacco, open the tin and savour the cool peppermint flavour, then take a pinch of t

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