How Do You Use Snuff Tobacco?

Have you heard of snuff tobacco yet? If you are an adult who enjoys the effects of tobacco, but dislikes the thought of smoking it, then you’ll doubtless find that snuff tobacco is a much more pleasurable alternative. 


With smoking cigarettes becoming more outlawed, as time moves on, the younger adult generations have been looking for different, more socially acceptable, ways to use tobacco. 


In its day tobacco snuff was the preferred way. After it was discovered in 1494, during a Columbus voyage of discovery in South America, this form of finely ground tobacco, which was originally spotted being used by the American Indians, became high in fashion. In fact, for many years, it was all the rage throughout the royal courts of Europe during the 16th, 17th and 18th century, with many famous names and members of the aristocracy still enjoying it up until the early 1900s. 


As smoking tobacco then took off over the last century, the use of snuff tobacco declined, but it wasn’t to be forgotten. Snuff tobacco has surged in popularity once more in recent years, as the numbers of smokers have decreased and, with it coming in a wide range of flavours and sizes available to try, at a much lower cost than cigarettes, people are finding that there’s something for everyone. 


But how do you use snuff tobacco, once you have made the choice to buy it?


Snuff Tobacco - How It’s Done 


Believe it or not, there’s an art to using snuff tobacco. You might think that it’s not the most attractive thing to be snorting any kind of substance in public, even if it is the finest ground tobacco there is, but actually, snorting it is the last thing you should do. 


Instead, how you use snuff tobacco is to inhale it gently and discreetly into the front of your nose, this way you’ll get maximum enjoyment from the experience and avoid getting a nasty taste in your throat.


There’s a special ritual to using snuff tobacco and here’s how it’s done: 


  • Choose your favourite flavour or blend of snuff tobacco
  • Buy some online to give it a try
  • Once you want to give it a go, first tap the tin to loosen the snuff 
  • Carefully open the tin, making sure not to spill any
  • Breathe in the delicious aroma
  • Take a pinch of snuff tobacco between your thumb and forefinger 
  • Sniff it gently into the front of your nose 
  • Enjoy the pleasant sensation


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