Hemp Snuff

Many of you were saddened when we had to remove our CBD Snuff. 

McChrystal’s are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Hemp snuff, with no tobacco, no nicotine just CBD; and more of it! 

Infused with our Original & Genuine blend of flavours, one of these tins is infused with 175mg CBD making it perfect for people who enjoy the experience of CBD snuff, or even for someone who is looking for an alternative to CBD oils or chews.

Not only is it available in a large tin, but our Hemp Snuff can be bought online as a box of 12 large tins. 


Be the first to try it!

McChrystal’s Hemp Snuff is now available and you can buy it online directly from us or from your local tobacconist.

For any fans of the CBD, it’s a marvellous mix of CBD and McChrystal’s Original and Genuine flavours which is made up from a recipe that has remained unchanged for more than 90 years.

Widely known as the 'go-to snuff' the Original and Genuine blend is a customer favourite and our best seller, thanks to its refreshing and enjoyable, well rounded flavour and finely ground, slightly moist consistency which makes it perfect for everyday use. 

With no nicotine and no tobacco our new Hemp Snuff is a great way to experience CBD! 


Enjoying your Hemp Snuff 

When buying our hemp snuff for the first time, there’s a way to ensure that you can savour the moment and get the most joy out of the experience. 

  • Take out the tin and give it a tap to loosen the snuff 
  • Smell the delightful aroma of menthol
  • Take a pinch in between your finger and thumb and inhale gently into your nose
  • Take care not to inhale too hard and enjoy the intense lingering aroma

Buy snuff online 

The most convenient way to get your Hemp Snuff is to buy snuff online through our website and benefit from super fast delivery in the UK, which will ensure you’re enjoying your Hemp Snuff before you know it.