Glacier - Supermint Flavoured Snuff

The ice cool flavour of supermint has long been associated with the superb feeling of a deep breath of snowy mountain air, clearing the airwaves and freshening the breath with its minty aroma. 


As we know, it’s a highly popular flavour in chewing gum and toothpaste and as a refreshing tea. In a similar way the exhilarating pure peppermint essence of our Glacier Supermint flavoured snuff leaves the user with a pleasant minty flavour which lingers in the nose with a refreshing tingle, after it has been inhaled.


To enjoy it, simply give the tin a little tap to loosen the tobacco, open the tin and savour the cool peppermint flavour, then take a pinch of the tobacco between the thumb and forefinger and inhale the snuff gently through your nose, enjoying the pleasant flavour that’s left behind.


Our immensely popular Supermint flavoured snuff tobacco is just one of our many flavours which have evolved from our Original & Genuine Blend, the secret recipe for which has been passed down through the McChrystal’s family for four generations. The high quality tobacco is infused with pure peppermint essence which offers a satisfying combination of traditional tobacco and glacier mint - guaranteed to bring a pleasant aroma and fresh feeling to the sinuses.


Choose from a range of sizes 


There are lots of options to choose from when you’re looking to try our supermint flavoured snuff tobacco. Whether you’re giving it a go for the first time, like to alternate between a few different flavours of tobacco, or have made this flavour your firm favourite, you can pick from the following different tin sizes to suit your requirements: 


  • Mini tins
  • Large tins 
  • Boxes 
  • Tubs 
  • As part of the assorted flavours box


If you know someone who enjoys sniffing tobacco, McChrystal’s snuff boxes also make a perfect gift to a loved one or friend. Our supermint flavoured snuff tobacco is one of our most popular flavours, due to the delightful aroma that pure peppermint essence gives off, so it’s always a good bet when you’re looking to try something new.  

Worldwide delivery 


Tobacco snuff was first discovered being used within the tribes of Brazil, during a voyage of Christopher Columbus, many years ago. Once brought back to European shores its popularity soared among the well to do aristocrats and members of royal households at the time. 


These days, snuff is once again being enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, as a more acceptable way to use nicotine, without the antisocial effects of plumes of cigarette smoke or favoured vapour. And, because this all-natural smokeless tobacco is used by people all over the world, we ensure all orders placed online are factory fresh. 


Buy snuff online

If you like the thought of trying out some of our McChrystal’s Glacier flavoured tobacco, you can buy snuff online or give a member of our friendly and helpful team a call for more information. Please be aware that the product is available only for those over the age of 18.