Sunblast - Apricot and Menthol Flavoured Snuff

We haven’t seen much of it this summer, but if you’re looking for a good blast of sunshine in your flavoured tobacco, then Sunblast - our brand new menthol and apricot flavoured snuff tobacco is the one for you.


Newly blended by the alchemist and our latest favourite flavour, it’s a refreshingly smooth blend of menthol with a hint of mild apricot. The difference between this and our other apricot flavoured tobacco, Sunset, is the addition of menthol essence which provides that refreshing blast of cool flavour, enjoyed in many different ways by people all over the world.


To make the most of your tobacco snuff experience, you just need to tap the tin to loosen the tobacco, then, once opened, breathe in the delicious menthol and apricot flavour, enjoying the pleasant sensation. 


After you’ve taken a moment to enjoy the aroma of this flavoured tobacco, then just take a pinch of the tobacco snuff between the thumb and forefinger and inhale gently through your nose. Take care not to sniff it too hard, as this can cause a burning sensation in your sinuses and an unpleasant drip in your throat. Instead, inhale your Sunblast into the front of the nose and then savour the pleasant flavour that’s left behind.


Sunblast is the latest in a series of 14 tobacco snuff flavours which have evolved from our Original & Genuine Blend of high quality sniffing tobacco which started to be developed by Denis McChrystal, back in 1926. He was intrigued by the high volume of snuff being sold at the wholesale tobacconist where he worked and decided to try and blend his own nasal snuff, using only the finest quality ingredients. 


Our different tins  


Once you’ve decided that Sunblast is the flavour for you, there are several different tin sizes that you can choose from, depending on what your requirements are and whether you’re looking to give it a go for the first time or top up your supply. These include:


  • Mini tins
  • Large tins 
  • Boxes 
  • Tubs 
  • Assorted flavours box


These tins not only make a nice treat for anyone who likes to enjoy this non-invasive way to use nicotine, but, their attractive appearance also makes McChrystal’s snuff a lovely gift for a snuff taking loved one or friend. 


Sunblast - our brand new menthol and apricot flavoured snuff tobacco is rapidly becoming one of our most popular flavours, due to the cool, yet smooth, mix of menthol with a hint of apricot.  So why not give it a go? 


When ordering yours online you’ll benefit from factory fresh snuff every time. That’s because we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers get to enjoy the McChrystal’s experience as much as possible when they buy online. 


Buy snuff online

If you like the thought of trying out some of our McChrystal’s Sunblast menthol and apricot flavoured tobacco, you can buy snuff online or give a member of our friendly and helpful team a call for more information. 


We think you’ll agree it’s very special, so get your order in today - you won’t be disappointed!

Please be aware that the product is available only for those over the age of 18.