Where To Buy Snuff

If you've discovered the enjoyment of sniffing tobacco as an alternative to smoking or vaping and you’d like to continue to explore the different types, then you might be wondering where to buy snuff from. 

It may come as a surprise to hear that nasal snuff is so popular in this modern-day and age. It’s certainly a far-flung image from the traditional picture of the 17th-century wig-wearing aristocrats gracing the royal courts of the day with their theatrical presence.

As such, you might not have a clue where to start when it comes to where to buy snuff, let alone the many types that are available to try.

Following its explosion in popularity more than 400 years ago, snuff taking is growing in popularity once more. As smoking tobacco becomes more outlawed in modern society, people have looked to alternative ways to use nicotine and, while many choose to vape, others have chosen to enjoy nasal snuff, which, like vape fluid, comes in a range of flavours to suit all tastes.


Take a pinch

Gone are the days of clouds of smoke filling pubs, restaurants and workplaces and many folk have found that nasal snuff is a more discreet alternative to vape smoking. It allows the enjoyment of tobacco, without the plumes of vapour, which makes it much more socially acceptable. 

While you’re considering where to buy snuff, you might also find yourself asking: what is snuff and what is it about nasal snuff that makes it so favourable in this day and age? 

McChrystal’s nasal snuff is created by grinding down quality tobacco, to a level that is so fine that it can be inhaled through the nose. Simply take a pinch out of the tin, hold it between your two fingers and inhale the ground tobacco gently into the front of your nose, then savour the flavour. 

There is a huge variety of types of snuff available to try, from a wide range of flavours, such as Sunblast, Sicilian Burst or Summer Harvest, to CBD snuff or menthol snuff - why not take the time to discover which one is most favourable to you?


McChrystal's Snuff - available to buy all over the world

McChrystal’s snuff is sold to a wide range of retailers in multiple countries and is available to buy pretty much anywhere. There’s too many retailers to mention, in fact, but here are just a few examples of places where you can buy snuff around the UK: 

  • Kingsize Tobacconists, Sheffield, S2 5TS
  • Barker’s of Harrogate, Harrogate, HG1 1QQ
  • Aston’s of Manchester, Manchester, M2 7EA
  • Durham Pipe, Durham, DH1 3NJ
  • The Cuban Cigar Club, Newcastle, NE1 5JE
  • Gauntley's Of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG1 2ET
  • The Cigar Box, Edinburgh, EH1 1PW
  • Miss Morans, Belfast, BT1 4QN
  • Birds of Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1RG
  • The Bear Shop, Cardiff, CF10 1FJ

Of course, when you’re wondering where to buy snuff, remember that it’s never been easier to get hold of some when you buy directly from us online. All of our wide range of nasal snuff flavours are available to view on our website and come in various size tins.

So, if you want to try a particular flavour, but aren’t too sure whether you will like it, why not start with one of our mini tins? Or, if you like a choice (and who doesn’t) we offer an assorted collection of 12 different flavours, too. 


Buy snuff online

One of the major benefits of this modern-day and age is of course the option to buy snuff online. So with super fast delivery as standard and no requirement to even leave the comfort of your sofa, why not get an order in with us today, or get in touch with a member of our team for more details.